Welcome to the Singular Points Blog

You might be wondering what this is all about. This first little post is just to get the ball rolling and talk about what you can expect from this blog.

My name is Logan Thomas. At the time of writing, I am a graduate student in the high energy/cosmology theory group at Arizona State University. Physics and mathematics are two subjects very near and dear to my heart. I love teaching and otherwise talking about them. The goal of this blog is to do just that, sharing fun little problems and interesting ways of viewing and solving them. The hope is that I am able to speak about these problems in a way that is accessible to a fairly large audience, whenever possible. There may also be a post or two about teaching, who knows!

There will be some problems that are well-known by mathematicians and physicists, but whenever these come up, I will always try to put an extra spin on them. Maybe I will look at generalizations of these problems, maybe I’ll present a way to gain intuition into a problem that I haven’t seen in other places, or something else entirely.

There will also be some new problems (there is a big one in the works already) that I will post about when I think that they are interesting or insightful. Straight from my noggin to your’s.

This website also contains resources for students in physics that I have found to be helpful to my students. The resources will include explanations of different concepts and interactive demos to reinforce them.

I welcome any thoughts or insights about the problems I post, as well as any feedback from students on the resources. You can contact me via email or web form.

Thank you for checking out my website! I hope you find it engaging.

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